Practice Areas


Our firm has a dedicated team to follow up with clients and provide them with detailed reports on every development in their case beginning from their initial referral to the office.

Our lawyers study the legal characterization of each case before laying the foundations for their actions. We are keen to provide our client services at the lowest cost and with the utmost quality by following the best legal practices. Our lawyers offer their initial legal opinion to the client based on the merits of the case and continue to support them in every stage until the close of the matter. Mohamed Aleghfeli Advocates & Legal Consultants works consistently to maintain client interests in every way, both inside and outside the court.

We believe effective communication is key between a lawyer and their client. Thus, our dedicated team ensures that they clearly understand client needs and that they effectively explain the legal procedure to them. They are always available to answer client queries and aim to complete their work with the highest of standards with all the available information.

The services provided by Mohamed Aleghfeli Advocates & Legal Consultants are of a wide variety and are evolving constantly to keep up with economic developments and the sustained growth of trade and service. Some of the practice areas we specialise in are:

Corporate | Commercial

A lawyer should possess not only good business knowledge but also the excellent technical skills, when he gives advices

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Criminal Law

Article 2 of Federal Law No.3 of 1987. No person may be convicted for a crime committed by another person

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Employment | Labour

Labor matters in UAE are governed by Federal Law No.8 of 1980 regulating Labor Relations as amended by Federal Laws

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Litigation & Dispute Resolution

“Never was anything great achieved without danger”-Niccolò Machiavelli. There can be no successful business

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