Message from the Chairman

Legal Profession is an important limb of the machinery for the administration of justice, without a well-organized profession of law, the courts would not be in a position to administer justice effectively as evidence of favor or against the parties and the suit cannot be properly mooted, facts cannot be properly uttered and the legal arguments in support or against the parties cannot be put forth before the court.

Lawyers have an important and dignified place in the society because of its intellectual, Fiduciary and noble characters in the highest degree. The role of lawyers is not confined to the officers of the court for the administration of justice, but also a sound business attorney. Legal mind is sine quo non for providing the commercial awareness in compliance with regulatory spectrum of every business.

The bespoke set up of Mohamed Aleghfeli Advocates and Legal Consultants is equipped to assure the Cumulative Legal advice at cost effective manner. The firm intends to provide the holistic Arbitration, Litigation and Compliance service to all sectors through the expertized lawyers of our Team for the Dignity, Integrity and Well-being of Humanity at large.

Mohamed Khalifa Salem Matar Aleghfeli