About Us

Mohamed Aleghfeli advocates & Legal Consultants is a bespoke law firm incorporated under the chairmanship of Advocate. Mohamed KhalifaSalem Matar Aleghfeli, UAE National Lawyer, Alumni of Dubai Police Collage and Member of Emirates association for Lawyers and Legal Consultants. The firm is founded by its chairman in 2007 by its chairman along with his fellow Emirati lawyers, Group of legal Consultants, Certified Arbitrators, Legal Advisors, Corporate Experts, Multilingual Solicitors, Industrial Specialists and Global Legal researchers.

The firm focuses on providing the holistic legal service as per the requirement of the client at cost effective manner. The bespoke team of the firm is competent to provide the Holistic legal service in multiple sectors of Litigation, Arbitration and Regulatory & Documentary Compliance. The Litigation team of the firm consists of UAE National Lawyers who are competent to represent the client in all courts of UAE including public prosecutions, Rental Dispute Centers, court first instance, Appeal court and Court of Cassation (Supreme Court) and registered legal consultants(foreign lawyers).

The arbitration team is equipped with the bunch UAE Arbitration counsels, Foreign Arbitration Lawyers and legal researchers for conducting the arbitration in all the arbitration centers including DIAC, DIFC, ADGM and EMAC.

Regulatory compliance and Documentation team has strong supervision by the UAE National Lawyers and registered legal consultants (foreign lawyers) to assure the legal compliance of corporate sector. The firm has expertise lawyers in all branches of law with competency to consult, Advise, Negotiate and represent the client on the innovative areas of technology and development.

We are able to serve clients in several languages including Arabic, English, Farsi, French, German, Hindi, Russian and Urdu. By combining expertise in local laws with a deep understanding of the clients’ needs, we are able to bridge the cultural barriers between foreign clients and UAE, laws & institutions, thus offering the clients an unmatched commercial and legal advantage, that make us a BESPOKE LAW FIRM IN THE REGION.