Mohamed Aleghfeli Advocates & legal Consultants

Mohamed Aleghfeli advocates & Legal Consultants is a bespoke law firm incorporated under the chairmanship of Advocate. Mohamed KhalifaSalem Matar Aleghfeli, UAE National Lawyer, Alumni of Dubai Police Collage and Member of Emirates association for Lawyers and Legal Consultants.

The firm is founded by its chairman in 2007 by its chairman along with his fellow Emirati lawyers, Group of legal Consultants, Certified Arbitrators, Legal Advisors, Corporate Experts, Multilingual Solicitors, Industrial Specialists and Global Legal researchers.

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Our Practice Areas

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is a cost-effective and relatively less formal alternative to civil litigation. Our lawyers are highly skilled and experienced in conducting th...

Litigation & Dispute Resolution

“Never was anything great achieved without danger”-Niccolò Machiavelli There can be no successful business without risking it a bit. Disputes are a part of doin...

Criminal Law

Article 2 of Federal Law No.3 of 1987 No person may be convicted for a crime committed by another person and the accused is innocent until proved guilty in accordance with the law...

Corporate | Commercial

A lawyer should possess not only good business knowledge but also the excellent technical skills, when he gives advices to clients with regard to corporate commercial transactions....

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